Beginners Courses

2023 beginners courses start on the following dates at 7pm:

9th January, 1st May and 4th September

Who’s it for?

Suitable for of all ages, shapes and sizes, we run friendly kendo beginners’ courses at Gaku Shi Juku Kendo Kai.

All under 16s will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian

What do you get?

Our courses are designed to start you out in kendo, taking you to the point where you can wear armour and take part in regular sessions.

You shouldn’t expect to become a kendo expert from this course. It’s about working towards key fundamentals so you are able to join the main class and continue your learning.

Do I need to buy equipment or bring anything with me?

You wont need to buy any equipment to start with as all you need to start will be provided.

All you will need to wear are a pair of loose trousers (sports or karate/judo type) and a t-shirt (no footwear as we train in bare feet).

When you feel you want to buy equipment then we can give you guidance and offer opinions based on our experience, but if you can find the equipment cheaper then let us know so we can all benefit.

If you have a few friends that are also interested then bring them to, we’ve found that you encourage each other along.

What do we cover?

  • kendo etiquette
  • basic strikes
  • basic footwork
  • getting your arms and feet working together
  • basics of kata
  • how to put on armour

Who’s going to teach me?

You will be taught by several senior club members.

This is all great, but whats is going to cost me?

£90 for the first 3 calendar months.

£10 for a temporary British Kendo Association (BKA) membership (paid directly to the BKA via their web portal).

An important thing to remember here is we are a not for profit club. The club is run for the purpose of practicing, enjoying and developing all of our kendo.

The fees pay for the hire of the dojo, the club membership to the BKA and insurance. If we do make any profit it is used to purchase training equipment such as armour for beginners or bulk purchases of shinai to reduce the cost for all members.

Take my money! How do I join?

We’ve kept this really simple…

Just let us know you want to join and we’ll tell you when the next course is starting (usually 3 monthly).

Payment is taken at the start of the first lesson.

You can let us know via this website or our Facebook page

We would also recommend coming along and watching a session (or multiple if you like). You will then get a feel for the club and a better understanding before you start your kendo journey.


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