About Gaku Shi Juku Kendo Kai

Gaku Shi Juku Kendo kai was established in 1993 and has a long history within Leicester, originally it was started by Frank and Liz Dutton. On their departure to further reaches of the planet they left the club in the hands of Alex.

The dojo was originally named by sensei Hashiba from Shinjuku Kendo Renmei in Tokyo who was a hachidan hanshi and had been blind in one eye most of his life. The only time he ever travelled oversees in his life was at the age of 86 when he came to UK.

Today, the club practices out of Unit 36 Faircharm Trading Estate, Leicester, LE3 2BU and has open doors to anyone of any sex, race, religion and creed to practice and learn the martial art of Kendo.

We practice Mondays 19:00 to 19:55 (beginners) 20:00 to 21:30 (Advanced)