Gaku Shi Juku Kendo Kai


Information Links:
British Kendo Association (Our governing body)
(Useful International kendo forum and magazine)
Kendo UK Open Source Forum (Is what it says)

Kendo Equipment Links:
Martial Arts Superstore (UK) - Our friends where we buy most of our equipment
Nine Circles (UK) - Extensive kendo supplys
Tozando (Japan)
- Extensive kendo supplys
E-Bogu (USA) - Extensive kendo supplies

Kendo info/training Links:
Bokuto Ni Yoru Kendo Kihon-waza Keiko-ho (an aide-memoire)

BKA Resources (Documents made available by the British Kendo Association)
Information for all new students (All new students please read and learn this)
Kendo Equipment Manual (a really useful aid for all new students)
Kirikaeshi (A "how to" guide for Kirikaeshi)
Kyu grade requirements (What is required of beginners)