Gaku Shi Juku Kendo Kai

Welcome to the Gaku Shi Juku Kendo Club “Getting Started Guide”!

Learning is a Life Long Experience.

By the time you read this, you’ve probably attended or observed our practices at the Gaku Shi Juku Kendo Club and are curious as to what Kendo is about. Or perhaps you are already somewhat familiar with Kendo and want to know the expectations and obligations in joining the Gaku Shi Juku Kendo Club. Regardless of your experience, the “Getting Started Guide” that you are about to read will undoubtedly help you gain a better understanding to what Kendo is and what it means to us.

Anyone Can Grow Through Kendo.

One of the beauties of Kendo is that anybody can learn and experience it, whether you are 8 years old, or 88 years old, boy or girl, man or woman. There is something there for everybody to take away and grow as a person. This guide is by no means an exhaustive guide. It will merely help you get acquainted with Kendo but like anything, it is truly a life long journey.

Please take the next few minutes to read more about Kendo, where its historical roots are from, and why you should study Kendo. There are also the wrong reasons for studying Kendo that we will identify as well. We will talk about the rules and etiquette of Kendo, more about the Gaku Shi Juku Kendo Club, what we do inside (and outside) the dojo and some other resources for learning more about Kendo.

So sit back, relax and enjoy!


Alex Coley, 3rd Dan

Gaku Shi Juku Kendo Club – Sensei (Chief Instructor)




"At some point you'll want to know what Gaku Shi Juku actually means... so I thought I'd slip that bit in here as it seems to fit quite nicely with the info above".

Gaku Shi Juku

Kendo is a Japanese martial art, which has its own theory and techniques. Confucius and Confucianism have given a great influence to swordsmen, both this theory and that Confucianism have formed BUSHIDO (the philosophy of how a Samurai should live and act).

Of course only through hard training can the Kendoka strengthen his or her body and mind, but at the same time we must remember the word of Confucius:

"If you want to learn something, first you must find a good teacher. But after learning from the teacher if you do not think about the precept of the teacher , you can not develop yourself".

Gaku Shi means to think about the precept again and again after learning from your teacher.

Juku means a kind of school where you study not only the techniques of Kendo, but also how you should live and act.

Kanji translation
= to study in depth
Shi = to think
Juku = to ripen